Energy Efficient Pool Filter

If you’re working towards a more efficient pool system, don’t forget to consider your filtration system as well. The EcoFilter with Zeolite offers not only energy savings, but a more thorough and effective filtration process. Plus, with Zeolite, you can go up to 6 months in between cleanings, meaning less maintenance and operation costs for the life of the filter.

Even the most efficient pump can become inefficient if your filter can’t keep up. Most traditional sand and DE filters restrict the flow of water through the filter, thus slowing down the filtration process and hurting efficiency. With EcoFilter’s Zeolite filtration system, water can easily move through the porous, high-flow Zeolite granules while dirt and debris are trapped in its microscopic crevices. Zeolite is a mineral with microscopic edges, angles, and crevices that can trap up to 1000 times more particles than the smooth surface of sand granules. With water able to flow easily through this fine filter, backpressure is greatly reduced, decreasing energy usage up to 43%.

While the media you choose for filtration is vital for efficiency, the composition of the filter is important as well. Even if you don’t choose to use Zeolite, an EcoFilter can still save you on energy costs. Because of the large surface area of its internal laterals, more water is able to flow through during the filtration process. This reduces bottleneck issues and backpressure and increases overall pool system efficiency.

Reduce Energy Use Up To 43% over traditional filters

EcoFilter was made technically possible by three radical energy-saving technologies that work in harmony to decrease energy use up to 43% over regular pool filters. Traditional sand filters and DE filters are heavily restricted by multi-port valves, single diffusers and small laterals. EcoFilter engineers re-imagined and re-engineered everything about the pool filter from the inside out. The result is a major reduction in backpressure that equates to real world savings reaching thousands of dollars over the life of the filter.

EcoFilter works great with sand but Zeolite really makes EcoFilter shine. A natural mineral formed millions of years ago, Zeolite removes the most difficult to remove contaminants like chloramines. With a filter area 1,000 times greater than sand, Zeolite traps particles as small as 2-3 microns and goes up to 6 months between cleanings.

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