Energy Efficient Pool Pumps

Your pool pump just may be the biggest drain on your home’s energy. In fact, the typical pool pump can burn from 1,600 to 2,000 watts of power. Despite this, it’s common to see pumps made several years ago labeled as “energy efficient”. It wasn’t until Energy Star began certifying pool pumps that pump manufacturers really stepped up their efficiency game. There are two main kinds of pool pumps that are best for energy efficiency: Multi-Speed Pumps and Variable Pumps.

Product Overview - Multi-Speed Pool Pumps

Ecopump Energy Efficient Pool Pumps

When it comes to energy efficient multi-speed pumps, we have found the EcoPump to be at the front of the pack. It’s ultra-efficient, reliable, and backed by a best-in-class warranty. The EP-6 from EcoPump is the most efficient multi-speed pump ever certified by Energy Star and promises the highest ROI of any pool pump. EcoPumps are available for around $700, and they run on less than .3kW for an impressive 85% energy savings potential. Here’s what you should know about it:

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EcoPump Energy Efficient Pool Pump

The secret to EcoPump’s efficiency is its phase-shifting technology, EcoBoostTM, which regulates when power is released based upon the position of the motors. With optimally positioned motors, rotation is smooth, operating temperatures are lowered, energy transferred to the impeller is increased, and the life of the motor parts is extended. EcoPump’s smooth power delivery is made possible by the electrical winding set up within the machine. The first electrical winding is an ideal 90 degrees from the second winding, creating a truly two-phase machine with a power factor near 100%.

In order to achieve a long operating life and overall reliability, EcoPump engineered a motor that eliminates the most common pump failure point: overheating. EcoPump’s smooth power delivery system minimizes heat and vibration to reduce any deterioration on internal bearings and insulation and the chances of pump failure.

Excessive pump vibration isn’t just a concern for overheating, it’s also simply annoying. When typical single-phase motors vibrate at 120 Hz on a standard 60 Hz power line, the result is a loud, irritating hum. EcoPump’s phase-shifting technology allows for a smooth power delivery that is virtually silent during circulation.

Typically, pool pumps offer a limited warranty for one year. However, EcoPump provides a standard 3-year warranty for their pumps. It’s not an upgrade. It’s not an extended warranty. It’s standard with every EcoPump.

Notable Features

Energy Savings

As the pinnacle of multi-speed pool pumps, EcoPump can save you up to 90% on your energy usage compared to traditional pool pumps.


EcoPump has been engineered for complete reliability. They don’t just address common pump failure points, they’ve eliminated them.

Improved Water Quality

Because EcoPump is so efficient, it allows for longer filtration cycles. The longer a pump runs and water flows, the less chance there is the water will become stagnant. The EcoPump’s longer filtration cycles improves the quality of the water and reduces the need for chemicals.

Easily Replaces Existing Pump

EcoPump is incredibly versatile and can work with whatever existing set up you have. It works with a simple, 3-way switch that controls the “circulate”, “vacuum”, and “off” positions. It also works with existing 2-speed timers and third party automation controllers. EcoPump makes it easy to replace your existing, power-draining pool pump.

Quiet Operation

Because EcoPump uses phase-shifting technology instead of single-phase motors, vibration—and its subsequent loud humming—is virtually eliminated.

Best Warranty

Most pool pumps come with a 1-year warranty, but EcoPump offers a no-nonsense 3-year warranty standard with every EcoPump.

Calculate the Power Your Pool Pump Uses: An Example

  • Step 1
  • Multiply the volts X amps to get watts
  • 230 volt x 9.0 amps = 2,070 watts
  • Step 2
  • Divide by 1000 to arrive at KWh
  • 2,070/1,000 = 2.070 KWh
  • Step 3
  • Multiply by the numbers of hours per day pump is operating
  • 2.070 x 12 hours = 24.84 KWh per day
  • Step 4
  • Multiply by cost per KWh by the KWh for daily cost 24.84 x .15 (KWh are usually $.10 to $.30) = $3.73 per day
  • That’s $3.73 cents per day to operate this inefficient pump. Operating this pump 12 hours per day will cost about $1,361. per year! Our energy efficient pumps have a 1.6 amp rating when operated on circulate. If we recalculate the numbers, you’ll see that we can operate the energy EcoPump 24 hours a day, and it will cost only $1.32 per day! If we cut the run time back to 18 hours per day, we cut the daily cost to only 99 cents. That’s an annual savings of 73% or $996!

Product Overview - Variable Speed Pool Pumps

Tesla Variable Speed Pool Pumps

When it comes to the most efficient pool pumps, the Tesla variable speed pump can’t be beat. Traditional single-speed pumps can burn up to 2000W, but Tesla runs on as little as 20W—that’s one hundredth the energy required by traditional pool pumps. This could potentially save you up to $1500 on your electric bill each year.

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tesla variable speed Pool Pump

One of the main reasons pool pumps struggle with efficiency, and eventually fail, is overheating. High flow pumps can move water quickly, but this results in friction and head pressure build up. This leads to high motor temperatures, bearing wear, insulation deterioration, and ultimately, pump failure. Tesla’s variable speed motors enable it to run at a lower pressure and temperature and with reduced vibration.

Tesla engineers developed PermaSealTM, a self-lubricating seal that reduces friction to eliminate overheating and wear. One side of PermaSeal is comprised of a technical ceramic, which is second in hardness only to diamonds. This ceramic glides in the seal without causing friction or heat. The second side is made with a chemical and heat resistant elastic material called Viton. Because rubber can easily overheat, engineers installed Viton for its ability to retain elasticity even at temperatures exceeding 600oF. Using parts designed to withstand the pressures of a pool pump’s work load results in a more efficient operation and longer lasting parts.

Notable Features

Cooling Systems

Inside the Tesla is an advanced internal fan cooling system to ensure that your pump does not overheat—regardless of the speed or duration of operation. The electric motor speed is regulated by controlling the frequency and voltage, which dramatically reduces energy needs.

Quiet Operation

Because the Tesla uses materials that reduce friction, there is also a reduction in vibration, and therefore ultra-quiet motor operation.

Improved Water Quality

The Tesla is designed to handle a 24-hour cycle. That means less stagnant water and less bacteria growth. Tesla is designed to run for 24 hours on low pressure, allowing it to cost the same as running a single speed pump for 1 hour.

Simple Onboard Controls

Built-in controls with three programmable presets, a bright LED, and simplified push-button keypad allow you to easily control pump speed and run time.

2-Year Warranty

Most variable speed pool pumps come with only a one-year warranty. But thanks to the reliable engineering of Tesla’s materials, this pump comes backed by a 2-year limited warranty.

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