Centrifugal Prefilter

You might be thinking, “I have a powerful, reliable pool filter—why would I need a Prefilter?” and the answer is simple: to increase the longevity of that existing powerful, reliable filter. The MultiCyclone Centrifugal Prefilter from WaterCo is a great option, and was named “most innovative product” by the Swimming Pool Association. The MultiCyclone can increase the performance of your existing sand, DE, Zeolite, or cartridge filter by intercepting the majority of the debris load before it gets to your filter. Over 80% of the incoming dirt load gets caught in the centrifugal force of the spinning water inside the MultiCyclone, where it is trapped in a sediment bowl for you to remove.

There are a few reasons why you would want to reduce your filter’s workload. For starters, your filter maintenance and replacement could be reduced to once per year. Secondly, you’ll greatly reduce the need for backwashes, saving you up to 7000 liters of water per year. It will also remove the organic matter from your system faster, which means you’ll need less chlorine and other pool chemicals. Your automatic pool cleaner or other floor cleaning system will be able to focus on removing tough contaminants without filling up on the usual dirt and debris. As a whole, a prefilter greatly increases the functions of your other pool maintenance systems and enhances your pool’s overall efficiency.

The MultiCyclone’s housing is rated up to 58PSI and is UV and corrosion proof. It includes 2-inch connection unions and will integrate easily into your existing pump and filter setup.

  • Decrease your filter cleaning and backwashing dramatically
  • Reduce the amount of water wasted when backwashing your main filter
  • Extends the life of your filtration media
  • Removes organic matter from your system faster, which reduces chlorine demand and chlorine byproducts
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