Ultraviolet Pool Sanitation

Swimming pool maintenance hasn’t changed much in the last 50 years. Most pool owners are resigned to dumping in loads of chemicals over and over again to maintain their pool’s cleanliness. Large aquatic centers—like those at the Olympics—discovered the secret to a pristine, low-chemical clean years ago, and it’s now making its way to the general public. Ultraviolet light destroys the algae, viruses, bacteria, and organic matter that commonly contaminates swimming pools. We’ve looked through the ultraviolet sanitation systems available to pool owners and found one that stands above the rest.

Apart from new ultraviolet sanitation technology, the pool maintenance industry seems to lack much in the way of green initiatives. Unfortunately, it’s not just the environment that is affected by our chemical-laden pools, but also our health. Studies have shown that many health issues including burning eyes, skin irritation, allergies, asthma, and more are linked to exposure to harsh pool chemicals. We felt there had to be a better way, and we were right. When we discovered ultraviolet technology, specifically the SpectraLightTM Ultraviolet Sanitation System, we knew it could pave the way for an easier, more health-conscious, and more environmentally friendly pool ownership experience for pool owners everywhere.

Product Overview - Editors Choice

The Spectralight UV System

The SpectraLight works in both residential and commercial pools as well as spas. Anything that passes through its disinfection chamber—algae, bacteria, fungi, viruses, cysts, and protozoans—is eradicated by the powerful ultraviolet light. Chloramines and organic matter are the #1 enemy to pristine pool water, and the SpectraLight’s 60,000 microwatt UV system effortlessly destroys them.

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Spectralight UV ultraviolet pool sanitation

High-Output Lamps

What puts the SpectraLight above the rest is its high-output lamps, which delivers four times the UV power with 30% less power usage than first generation lamps. Its proprietary blend of Xenon, Neon, and Argon make the SpectraLight’s UV output uniquely powerful.

Industrial Graphite Housing

The SpectraLight’s optimized hydrodynamics ensures that water flows through at high rates and gets the maximum ultraviolet exposure. Its frame consists of a high-impact, non-corrosive polymer with Titanium Dioxide for maximum UV resistance.

IntelliVoltTM Electronic Ballasts

The SpectraLight contains electronic ballasts specifically engineered for maximum efficiency. They can save you up to 30% on energy used while maintaining a powerful output. The ballasts are not just efficient, they’re also durable. Enclosed in a heavy-duty NEMA powder coated protection unit, these fuse-protected and switched ballasts are protected even in damaging storms.

Aerospace Developed Double Seal

Fluoroelastomers were developed for the aerospace industry, but you can also find them in the seal of the SpectraLight. Each part of the SpectralLight’s elastomers were machined from billet stock and have additional stainless steel inserts and EPDM O-rings for a virtually indestructible seal.

Intelligent Design

Possibly the best feature of the SpectraLight is its modular construction. Each unit can be assembled and disassembled without a single tool in less than 60 seconds. It has SmartConnexTM for 360-degree port rotation to ensure installation is quick and easy. The SpectraLight is incredibly user friendly. Just set it and forget it.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

This industrial strength workhouse features durability, efficiency, effectiveness, and a warranty to back it up. Enjoy a limited lifetime warranty on the housing, and worry-free pool ownership for years to come.

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